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Foundation Course Outline

Beginners Program

In this course the goal is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the procedures for working in a bar, “liquid tools”, tools, equipment, glassware used, basic cocktails and the correct ways of mixing drinks. There is also focus on service in regards to customer relations, order taking procedures and interactive role playing exercises.

Pillar Course Outline

Intermediate Program

In this course the goal is to provide participants with a profound knowledge base, creating an atmosphere where they can excel through various practical exercises and also aiding them in diversifying their palettes beyond the well -known profiles of the bar arena. Along with wine training, this module explores some of the items which are rarely taught in any bartending academy/school, such as: water, coffee, tea and beer, among others. Students are also allowed to be expressive creating their own ingredients and cocktails.

Top Tier Course Outline

Advanced Level 1 Program

In this course the aim is to be able to achieve a sense of renewed thinking, palate enhancement and to close the mixology learning curve prior to entering the management course in Level 2. Blind tastings, product identification sessions and delving into the realm of molecular gastronomy will be our focus.

Second Tier Course Outline

Advanced Level 2 Management Program

In this module, we take a closer look at the correct procedures needed to efficiently cost, price and calculate profits on the cocktails which you produce at your workplace. We will discuss the most effective ways to organize your menus, in ways which will entice customers to purchase more, how to increase sales and revenue for your business/workplace, sales and marketing procedures, health, security and safety, customer care, beverage controls, etc.

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