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Our Goal:

Is to produce highly skilled and competent bar-tending professionals, who consistently strive to become better service providers through creating not just amazing drinks/cocktails but also create memorable and unforgettable experiences.

Our Vision:

The Top Shelf Bar-tending Academy philosophy is that we will deliver the best service, through superior product knowledge, exceptional training and excellent performance.

This initiative is being formed to further enhance and develop the bar-tending arena in Barbados and hopefully the Caribbean.

This program has been created and scripted to encourage the likes of amateur, intermediate and advanced bartenders, as well as, for persons who like hosting house parties, small gatherings, socials and other festive occasions. These and various other modules will help mold the young minds, refresh those who have experience and inspire greater respect for the craft which is Mixology.

In 2011, this program was birthed out of necessity for training young minds in the Caribbean, while working with Angostura Limited of Trinidad and Tobago. My experiences in various countries around the world, being mentored by amazing mixologists from the global bar-tending fraternity and my passion for developing this art form as a true profession, are the main reasons behind this initiative.

The aim of the academy is to “raise the bar” standard in Barbados, bring some stability to the training of bartenders and also give persons who want to learn more, an opportunity to be creative in a setting where possibilities may be endless. The facility may also be used by business places for team building exercises, by establishments to have an offsite training forum, by distributors to host seminars/brand sponsored competitions, for cocktail demos and craftsmen/women to hone their skills. This program is designed to increase the product knowledge and competitive “spirit” of all participants.


Jamaal Bowen

CEO, Director & Head Tutor

  • Former & Youngest Barbados Bartender of the Year - 2006

  • 3 Time Angostura MixMaster Champion - Barbados

  • Angostura Inaugural Regional MixMaster Champion

  • 3rd Place Finalist Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge

  • Former Resident Mixologist at Sandy Lane Resort

  • 2012 CHTA Caribbean Bartender of the Year (T.O.T.C)

  • Certified International Bar Chef

  • Former Barbados Culinary Team Bartender Coach

  • Owner of LuxBev Cart Creations

  • Culinary Ambassador for Barbados

  • CHTA Taste Of The Caribbean Bar Judge

Thaddeus Sealy

Assistant Tutor & Social Media Guru

  • Professionally Trained as a Bartender and as a Chef

  • Former Member of the Barbados Culinary Team

  • Certified International Bar Chef

  • Former Line Chef at Coral Reef Hotel

  • Former Sous Chef in Ontario and Alberta, Canada

  • Founder of Dodi Barbados

  • Part Time Food and Beverage Blogger

  • Member of the TopShelf Academy Inc. Board

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